As promising as we looked during practice and qualifying, the luck just wasn’t on our side when it mattered during the races. During race 1 we were suffering from a loose chain and a destroyed sprocket, but managed to come home in 2nd. Race 2 was an absolute blast grabbing the lead at the start and then trying to defend against Clint as I was desperately trying to get heat in the tires. We went side by side going through turns 7, 8, and 9, with me managing to maintain first place on Clint’s first attempt to overtake me, but he managed to make it stick the lap after. He started turning up the pace and by that time I had heat in my tires and was able to match it. After that it turned into a cat and mouse game with the both of us setting new track records on multiple occasions and the gap constantly staying around 1 to 2 seconds, as we were fighting our way through the lapped cars without losing any more time than necessary. Unfortunately as I was starting to close in my chain came off and that was a bittersweet end of our race with so much of “what if” and “could have been”. The team mentioned it had probably come off due to not fully securing the master link, but that doesn’t matter. We win together, and today we lost together. The car felt superb and even though the results didn’t reflect what we were aiming for, I’m extremely satisfied with what we showed in race 2 and look forward to see what we can do at the next race. A special thanks to Jeremy Swank, Strategic Wealth Management, The Formula 600 Challenge, Jim Murphy, and everybody else involved to make this an awesome weekend. It was a very pleasant sight to see comradery between the F500 and F600s and hope to see this continue for future events.

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