A change in the Runoffs qualifying requirements forced a last minute change in the schedule from Road Atlanta to NOLA one week earlier.  During the course of the weekend, the drivers and crew had to work extra to fix damage caused by the rough track surface.  For the Saturday qualifying, Clint McMahan, after racing in USF2000 series for the 2016 season, quickly learned the track and qualified on the pole with a 1:46.591, breaking the track record of 1:52.134 set in 2014 by over 5.5 seconds; this was not unique, however, as FF driver, David Livingston, also broke his class record by over 4.5 seconds.  Second on the grid was Sven DeVries with a 1:50.818, also under the old record.  In the Saturday race, Clint checked out and won going away with Sven finishing second, followed by Carl Maier, Zak Morvik and Jeff DeLong.

For the Sunday qualifying, Clint McMahan again took the pole with Sven DeVries in second and Jeff DeLong improving significantly to qualify for third on the grid.  In the Sunday race, Clint again jumped ahead only to be hit on the third lap by the rough track gremlin who had been beating up all the other drivers over the weekend as his Watts link broke, ending his race.  Sven DeVries won this race, his first win, with Jeff Delong in second, for his best finish yet, followed by Zak Morvik, also his best finish, Carl Maier and Clint McMahan.

After the first round the series points standing are as follows:

  1.  Sven DeVries        24
  2.  Clint McMahan      22
  3.  Jeff DeLong          20
  4.  Carl Maier             20
  5.  Zak Morvik            20

This three way tie for 3rd will not last long as Round #2 at VIR is coming up on April 14-16.  The two races can be watched live at  The race schedule is located here –

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The Formula 600 Challenge series was developed to help promote an affordable open wheel formula car to showcase talent without large financial race budgets. The Formula 600 open wheel cars use a 600cc motorcycle engine and a 6 speed sequential transmission revving up to 15,000 rpm with speeds in excess of 135 mph. The sound of these cars is likened to F1 cars.

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