The four mile long iconic track with its long straights and fast corners makes top end speed critical.  Calvin Stewart, the high speed master in his Blade, won the pole with a 2:22.398 followed by the veteran Aaron Ellis with a 2:24.814, 3rd Sven DeVries in the yellow Banana Boat, 4th Barry Luterek, 5th Carl Maier, 6th Hunter Brayton in his brand new Wildcat, 7th George Fox and 8th Mo Makki with no time due to a bad axle.  In the race, Calvin did not start for religious reasons, so Aaron Ellis inherited the pole and led the whole race with Sven DeVries in 2nd with a dragging brake caliper slowing him down; Mo Makki was 3rd, Barry Luterek, with motor trouble, was 4th, Hunter Brayton was 5th and Carl Maier was 6th.

Qualifying for the 2nd race was based on either your qualifying time or your race time whichever was faster.  Thus Calvin Stewart retained the pole with his 2:22.398 qualifying time and since Aaron Ellis did not beat Calvin’s time in the Saturday race (2:25.335) he stood on his earlier qualifying time of 2:24.814, 3rd was Sven DeVries, 4th was Barry Luterek, 5th was Carl Maier, 6th was Hunter Brayton and 7th was Mo Makki who had fixed his axle.  For the race on Sunday, Aaron Ellis used all of his veteran experience and stayed with Calvin Stewart and they swapped the lead several times during the race.  Aaron bettered his qualifying time by about a tenth of a second at 2:24.752 during this back and forth action.  On the last lap Aaron got ahead of Calvin but Calvin was able to draft back past Aaron to take the win by just over three tenths of a second – a good, close race.  Barry Luterek fixed his motor issue from the 1st race and finished a fine 3rd place, Sven DeVries was 4th, Mo Makki was 5th, and Carl Maier was 6th.

After four races the points standings are as follows:

  1. Aaron Ellis                       48
  2. Carl Maier                       38
  3. Mo Makki                       38
  4. Sven DeVries                 38
  5. Barry Luterek                38
  6. Calvin Stewart                 14
  7. Jeff Delong                     14
  8. Zak Morvik                       12
  9. Hunter Brayton               12

The F600 Challenge Series moves on to Round #3 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Aug. 12 -14.

We are very thankful for our valued sponsors who have made this series possible:

The Formula 600 Challenge Series was developed to help promote an affordable open wheel formula car class to showcase talent without large financial race budgets. The Formula 600 open wheel cars use a 600cc motorcycle engine and a 6 speed sequential transmission revving up to 15,000 rpm with speeds in excess of 140 mph. The sound of this drive train is likened to a F1 car.

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