Please read carefully:
With the cost of fuel on the rise, the F600 Challenge Series will be trying something new this year.  Drivers may run any of the majors, super tours or regional/divisional races to count towards the Series championship.   However, ONLY your best 5 finishes will count for Series points.   Of the 5 races to be counted, at least 2 must be a major or a super tour race. The individual race finish points in one weekend are added together to determine the ranking for the weekend, then the Series points are awarded (24, 22, 20 and on down).  These are then added to the running Series points total. To entice more participation, a bonus point will be added for each F600 that has participated in one session per race day in addition to the normal series points.  Thus, e.g. – seven F600’s race, then the top finisher gets 6 (7 – 1) points in addition to the normal series points with each lower finisher getting one less point all the way to last place.  You cannot count yourself for bonus points.  At the end of the season, in the unlikely event of the Series points still being tied we will use the following method –
 the margin of victory for the 5 races will be averaged.  The driver with the larger margin average will be the higher placed finisher in the series points.
The more cars at each race, the more points – just that simple.