I believe my race will be documented pretty well on the SCCA video broadcast, but here is my version:
The race started pretty well with Clint jumping out to the front in turn 1, I went through 1 side by side with Cal Stewart with Dave Lapham following closely behind.  Clint immediately gapped us three as we were all vying for the next spot or defending our positions on the first couple laps.  After lap 3 Cal started to pull away as I was driving cautiously and defending my position from Dave.  On lap 4 i made a mistake just before south bend and had to check up there, my slow speed through south bend allowed Dave L. to pass on the downhill before the braking zone to oak tree.  I got by Dave again on the back straight and we continued in close proximity for the next few laps.  On lap 5 or 6, I finally got my head out of my ass and started driving a little smarter and immediately started to gap Dave and catch Cal.  Within 3 laps I was within striking distance of Cal and spent the next few laps calculating my move for second.  It was on lap 14 i got a great drive out of oak tree and passed Cal under braking going up the roller coaster.  This move put me in a bad position for the downside of roller coaster and the hogpen turn.  Because my momentum was poor coming out of hogpen (Cal had a better line through here anyway) I was slightly down on speed up the start straight and leading into turn 1.  I saw in my mirrors Cal was next to me as I started braking for turn 1 on the last lap and made the Gentlemen-like, but very foolish decision to leave him some room on the inside.  This immediately proved to be the nail in the coffin as he decided to push me to the outside edge of the track and got by. At this point I was seeing the red mist and decided to try the pass again going up the roller coaster on the last lap.  Before we could get there though, a lapped driver got in between us in the climbing esses and Cal was able to get a huge gap of 20 car lengths or so as I was going through south bend.  I drove as best I could for the rest of the last lap, but knew the gap was too big to make up with 3/8 of a lap left in the race.    My race ended about 3 car lengths behind Calvin.
Onboard race video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzJsCrBHlOQ&feature=youtu.be