Bottoms Up Chop Shop, a motorcycle parts dealer ( ), has continued as part of our valued family of sponsors for 2018. They are providing motorcycle parts (Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties) at their cost plus 5% like chain, chain lube, filters, etc. that are used by Suzuki or Honda.

The F600 Challenge Series thanks Bottoms Up Chop Shop for joining our family of valued sponsors.

The Formula 600 Challenge series was developed to help promote an affordable open wheel formula car
series to showcase talent without large financial race budgets. 100% of the sponsorship money and products go to the drivers. The Formula 600 open wheel cars use a 600cc motorcycle engine and a 6 speed sequential transmission revving up to 15,000 rpm with speeds in excess of 140 mph. The sound of this drive train is likened to a F1 car.

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